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James S.A. Corey

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I?ve always been fascinated by magic. When I was a kid I eagerly devoured the Dragonlance books and my favorite characters was always Raistlin. I was in awe of not only his magical powers, but also his tenacity, and complexity as a character. When I was 16, I was introduced to magic, when a fellow student sat down with me and told me about his experiences on the astral plane and about magic. I asked him where I could learn more and the next day he brought books in. I started reading and then doing the exercise and with that I was hooked!

I first started practicing an eclectic mix of neoshamanism and elemental Hermeticism, and gradually found my way to Golden Dawn Ceremonial magic. I practiced that for a while, before moving on to Ceremonial magical practices that fell outside the usual practices most magicians know about. I focused on the ceremonial work of William Gray and Franz Bardon, as well as other writers not as well known as A. Crowley, but infinitely more interesting than what the aforementioned beast wrote. I eventually graduated into chaos magic, and from there started developing my own systems of magic, which I?m continuing to do to this day.

I have also studied and practiced Taoist, Tibetan, and Buddhist meditation and internal alchemy techniques. I was introduced to these techniques in the early 2000?s and I recognized that they filled in a fundamental gap that was missing in Western magic, namely a rigorous system of internal work and meditation. I feel that internal work is an absolute must for any magician to fully realize his/her potential.

I am the Managing Non-Fiction Editor of Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press. I first started working with Immanion press in 2004, when they published my first solo book Pop Culture Magick. As the managing non-fiction editor for Immanion Press, my vision for the non-fiction line is that Immanion Press publishes edgy, experimental, and controversial books about magic and the occult subculture. I don?t want to publish lots of 101 books. I want to publish books that present more nuanced and sophisticated work for practitioners who want to take their magical work to the next level. I?m author of a number of books on magic, and each of my books reflects this vision, and drive to produce work that is for the experienced magician.

My focus as a magician is to innovate and experiment with what can be done magically. Instead of settling for what others have done, I prefer to walk my own path. While I?ll always acknowledge the influences that inform my practice, I don?t believe in blindly doing what others have done, and only sticking with what others have done. Critical inquiry, a desire to learn and experience, and also a willingness to raise the bar for magical practice is ultimately what informs my practice.

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Jorge Luis Borges

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Eduardo Punset

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Eduard Punset i Casals

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Eben Alexander

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