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Unknown author - 001543jupitersocialmediapdf

The result is a measurement of qualified leaders, or how many people accepted a meeting with the sales team. Quickly determine how many leads actually progressed forward, or met with the sales team. Then, see how many of those deals are closed and ultimately become booked sales. With SiteCatalyst, you can identify how much influence each source is having on annual contract value.
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When Web analytics is tied to a CRM system, it reveals a lot more insight. This example comes from one of our Genesis products, which is close-looped marketing for a sales force. It is associating Web analytics data with salesforce.com data. Now, the number of people coming to the site is apparent, as well as how many people are responding, requesting additional information and filling out leadgeneration forms.
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options, such as engagement, that can be broken down further into attributes like interaction, time spent on site (attention) or sharing information from one social network to another (viral nature).
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Seek out communities where your brand exists that your customers already frequent, and go join them.
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engagement mapping (also called purchase path measurement or attribution) is emerging as a metric?it is the idea that you can attribute a consumer?s fulfillment to a previously viewed ad, even if they took not obvious action at that time.
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