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Top Email Tools for Sales

Aswin Natarajan
#6 Xobni The Smartr tool by Xobni analyzes your contact information on your phone, email, and online networks. It builds complete profiles with contact info, social updates, message history and common contacts for every person you?ve communicated with.
Top Email Tools for Sales - Aswin Natarajan - Your Highlight Location 22-24 | Added on Friday, 23 August 13 11:56:21
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#4 Rapportive Rapportive provides rich contact profiles inside Gmail. This plugin installs as a sidebar next to your inbox. Whenever you receive an email from someone, you will see a picture, their latest tweets and links to their LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Bonus ? you can also use Rapportive to guess email addresses.
Top Email Tools for Sales - Aswin Natarajan - Your Highlight Location 17-19 | Added on Friday, 23 August 13 11:55:59
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#3 Streak Streak brands itself as CRM in your inbox. It allows you to group emails from the same customer together so history with that prospect is neatly organized. It additionally allows you to schedule emails, categorize the prospect?s stage in the sales cycle and create a pipeline spreadsheet that you can view right within Gmail.
Top Email Tools for Sales - Aswin Natarajan - Your Highlight Location 14-16 | Added on Friday, 23 August 13 11:55:48
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#2 Bananatag This tool is very similar to Yesware in its ability to track emails. Bananatag also allows you to set and manager email notifications on opens, clicks and contact behavior.
Top Email Tools for Sales - Aswin Natarajan - Your Highlight Location 12-13 | Added on Friday, 23 August 13 11:55:36
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