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The Work-Life Strategies that Really Matter

Life is a marathon. A meteoric rise right after grad school is impressive, but long-term success is far more satisfying. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Quick success sometimes goes to people?s heads ? and makes them forget everyone who helped them get where they are. In the 1980s, after good fortune and good times made many folks wealthy, real estate markets collapsed. Some panicked; others dug in -- and dug out. It turned out that no one was as smart as they thought on the way up (or quite as dumb as others thought on the way down). But steadfast efforts when the chips were down revealed character not apparent when things were going well.
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graduates who flock back to campus bring with them real-world anxiety over three things: 1) Work ? doing meaningful work; 2) Companionship ? finding a life partner, or figuring out life with their partner; and 3) Balance ? dividing time and energy between work and family
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