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The Promise & Challenge of Behavior Targeting

& Two Prerequisites
Testing of any sort is not ad-hoc. For it to work in a systematic way you will have to create a structure and repeatable process with defined steps and roles and responsibilities and organizational clarity. As you struggle and fail and succeed with MVT you will figure all this out and if you are committed you will come out stronger at the other end.
The Promise & Challenge of Behavior Targeting - & Two Prerequisites - Your Highlight Location 71-73 | Added on Tuesday, 23 April 13 02:29:14
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get a solid picture of who your customers. Understanding them means that you can actually come up with all the content that your BT platform needs to intelligently target to the right person at the right time.
The Promise & Challenge of Behavior Targeting - & Two Prerequisites - Your Highlight Location 56-58 | Added on Tuesday, 23 April 13 02:28:06
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I am a NPR junkie (and support my local station KALW). Driving to the airport last Monday I was surprised to hear a segment about "behavior marketing"
The Promise & Challenge of Behavior Targeting - & Two Prerequisites - Your Highlight Location 6-8 | Added on Tuesday, 23 April 13 02:24:16
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