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The Importance of Clean and Meaningful Google Analytics data

Yehoshua Coren
When I visit another page on the same site, you will notice that the UTMR parameter gets set as zero. The very first hit of the session determines much of the ?visit information? about the session. This is why there are visits with all of the different PriceGrabber information neatly shoved in there in the traffic sources reports. The Co-Brand is visible to the ?visit? because that data from utmr existed during the first hit of the session. However, on all subsequent hits the utmr parameter did not contain the information will as stipulated in the filter. That ?Co-Brand? data (i.e. document.referrer) is not longer available to GA to process. Any of the e-commerce hits are perforce not tracked back to the way the visit is being displayed in Google Analytics and therefore are coming up as ghost sessions.
The Importance of Clean and Meaningful Google Analytics data - Yehoshua Coren - Your Highlight Location 59-66 | Added on Sunday, 7 July 13 04:11:06
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Filters allow for the processing of data that is pumped into Google Analytics before it goes into profiles. Data gets processed in Google Analytics on the ?hit? level. A ?hit? is any time that there is a request to the __utm.gif file. The parameters that are appended to the file location contain the data that GA uses to build all reports.
The Importance of Clean and Meaningful Google Analytics data - Yehoshua Coren - Your Highlight Location 54-57 | Added on Sunday, 7 July 13 04:05:38
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