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The Anatomy of a Compliment and Art of Giving One | Jon Millward - Blog

You can increase the positive impact of a compliment by presenting it more creatively (hinting at a fact or feeling instead of plainly stating it), which allows the recipient to feel like they?ve decoded the amazing meaning of what you?ve said, as opposed to having it shoved down their throat.
The Anatomy of a Compliment and Art of Giving One | Jon Millward - Blog - jonmillward.com - Your Highlight Location 121-123 | Added on Thursday, 28 February 13 02:45:01
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Intriguingly, studies show that compliments passed within sexual relationships tend to actually be less formulaic, probably because a deep, shared understanding of one another exists between partners?compliment recognisability is less of an issue and the emotions tend to run deeper.
The Anatomy of a Compliment and Art of Giving One | Jon Millward - Blog - jonmillward.com - Your Highlight Location 119-120 | Added on Thursday, 28 February 13 02:44:43
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This is a mistake almost every single man makes when he?s trying to attract a woman. He tries to attract her before demonstrating that he?s attractive. This leaves all his work ahead of him, whereas if he had shown he was something special before indicating his interest, the attraction process would have been much easier, because the woman would have been craving his attention, instead of merely bearing it.)
The Anatomy of a Compliment and Art of Giving One | Jon Millward - Blog - jonmillward.com - Your Highlight Location 107-110 | Added on Thursday, 28 February 13 02:43:52
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