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The Action Priority Matrix

Source: http://www.timeanalyzer.com/lib/priority.htm
The Action Priority Matrix - timeanalyzer.com - Your Highlight Location 36-37 | Added on Thursday, 2 May 13 18:38:39
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Above we?re suggesting a scale from 0 to 10 for both impact and effort. However there?s nothing stopping you using other scales ? for example if you were ranking major projects, you might use $ financial return as the scale on the impact axis, and ?man days activity? on the effort axis.
The Action Priority Matrix - timeanalyzer.com - Your Highlight Location 31-33 | Added on Thursday, 2 May 13 18:38:16
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List the activities that you?d like to complete; Score them on impact (from, say, 0 for no impact to 10 for maximum impact) and on effort involved (from 0, say, for no real effort to 10 for a very major effort); Plot the activities on the Action Priority Matrix; and Select or drop activities appropriately.
The Action Priority Matrix - timeanalyzer.com - Your Highlight Location 26-29 | Added on Thursday, 2 May 13 18:38:02
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Quick Wins (High Impact, Low Effort): These are the most attractive projects, giving you a good return for relatively little effort. Focus on these as much as you can; Major Projects (High Impact, High Effort): While these give good returns, they take a long time to complete ? meaning that one ?Major Project? can crowd out many ?Quick Wins?. If you?re engaging in these, make sure that you complete them quickly and efficiently and that you disengage your effort as soon as you can; Fill Ins (Low Impact, Low Effort): Don?t worry too much about doing these ? if you?ve got spare time, do them, but drop them if something better comes along; and Hard Slogs (Low Impact, High Effort): Avoid these. Not only do they give low returns, they crowd out time which would be better used elsewhere.
The Action Priority Matrix - timeanalyzer.com - Your Highlight Location 18-24 | Added on Thursday, 2 May 13 18:37:40
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