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Think about room temperature and the bedding you use ? if you?re too hot or too cold in your bed, you?re more likely to wake up during the night. If your mattress is old or uncomfortable, this may also cause you to wake up more easily. Typically, mattresses should be replaced at least every 10 years.
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Don?t eat just before bed or during the night ? this will boost your energy levels and may make you more alert, which can increase your tinnitus perception. However, do make sure that you?ve eaten enough earlier in the evening, as hunger can keep you awake.
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Go to bed when you feel sleepy ? not just because it?s a certain time ? trying to force sleep may be counter-productive, but simply resting in bed may be beneficial.
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Wind down? at least an hour before bed ? have a warm bath, a milky drink or listen to relaxing music. Try to read, watch TV or surf the internet earlier in the evening. This helps to draw a line between daytime and bedtime and will help you to get ready for sleep.
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Clear your mind before bedtime ? If you have particular worries, set aside an amount of time earlier in the evening ? say half an hour ? to think about how to resolve your problems. Write your ideas down. Try not to think about them as you are trying to get to sleep.
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Try relaxation exercises ? these can be extremely helpful (see page 4). Practise during the day and find a short exercise to try when you are in bed.
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sources of stress such as illness, divorce, bereavement, redundancy and exams can sometimes be a trigger for tinnitus, or make it worse. Meanwhile, some people ? though not all ? find that tinnitus makes them feel stressed, tense, anxious and depressed.
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Mild tinnitus is common: it affects around 10% of adults in the UK all of the time. That?s about six million people. Up to 1% of adults (around 600,000 people) have tinnitus that has a severe impact on their quality of life.
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usually a symptom of a problem within your hearing pathway. There?s a lot of ongoing research into what causes the condition, but we know it can be linked to hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, ear or head injuries and emotional stress.
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