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Carmen Mardiros will be looking at ?Smarter funnel analysis: Friction, pre qualification and lack of reinforcement? Why is the funnel leaking sales? Is the checkout broken or were people simply not ready or willing to buy? This is an open discussion on the different ways we can identify technical glitches and visitor intent barriers to getting more people through to Thank You.
Session Descriptions - measurecamp.org - Your Highlight Location 42-45 | Added on Thursday, 12 September 13 21:29:05
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Sara de Velasco will lead a session called ?Failure is always an option? While it is amazing to hear from peers about success stories, increased conversions, implementations that changed a client?s results and all the other great successes, I am still convinced that we never learn more than when things go wrong? Share your ?Holy **** what did I just do?!? stories and the learnings you took from them so hopefully we can avoid them happening again.
Session Descriptions - measurecamp.org - Your Highlight Location 36-39 | Added on Thursday, 12 September 13 19:05:10
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Charles Meaden session is about ?11 Ways To Stuff Your Analytics? Charles will take a look at the many different ways that analytics systems can be misconfigured and the impact that it has on data. If you have any good example either share them on the day or complete this form
Session Descriptions - measurecamp.org - Your Highlight Location 32-35 | Added on Thursday, 12 September 13 19:05:00
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have prepared a session called ?Why the long form?? Online forms play a vital role in the online conversion process and yet have been criminally neglected in terms of analytics and optimisation. We?d like to talk to everyone about their experiences with forms, about how and why they are such a conversion killer and how you can use analytics to examine and improve your online forms.
Session Descriptions - measurecamp.org - Your Highlight Location 25-28 | Added on Thursday, 12 September 13 19:04:42
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Temina Moledina will be leading a session called ?HiPPO analytics? How to get buy in from senior people ? and what you should be selling them. I?ll present my recent success through using storytelling scenarios and tackling burning business issues to instill deeper appreciation for analytics (including it?s complexities!) Bring your experiences, what has really captured people?s imaginations and how are they using the data to make business decisions?
Session Descriptions - measurecamp.org - Your Highlight Location 18-22 | Added on Thursday, 12 September 13 19:04:26
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Nicolas Malo?s session is on ?E-commerce Analytics Revisited? While everyone seems to focus mainly on the visit to order conversion rate for e-commerce web sites, this metric is less and less reliable with the increasing usage of multiple devices by the same customer to perform a purchase. Join this workshop to discuss which other metrics and approaches should be used to better measure the customer journey.
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