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Save Money and Shop Smart: Know the Style Pyramid

Only buy from sites with good return policies. Look at both the refund/exchange policy and the shipping details. Full refunds with no questions asked are best. Free exchanges with the shipping labels included (so that you don?t pay the return shipping) are nearly as good. If the website doesn?t have either of those, you?re taking a chance on spending more money to return something that didn?t work out.
Save Money and Shop Smart: Know the Style Pyramid - Antonio - Your Highlight Location 116-119 | Added on Tuesday, 24 September 13 01:27:31
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Stick to brands you trust. If you can, try to avoid making first-time purchases of a brand online. Buying a pair of jeans from a company when you already know you like their quality is fine; buying just because you?ve heard good things is riskier. You could get lucky ? but you could also get unlucky.
Save Money and Shop Smart: Know the Style Pyramid - Antonio - Your Highlight Location 114-116 | Added on Tuesday, 24 September 13 01:27:19
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Buying Online
Save Money and Shop Smart: Know the Style Pyramid - Antonio - Your Highlight Location 112-112 | Added on Tuesday, 24 September 13 01:27:15
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