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RTI non-standard PAYE

if you are an employee deducting NICs only from your own employment income you will not start to operate PAYE in real time until April 2014. This means that for the tax year 2013-14, you can continue to use a paper P14 to submit your PAYE information to HMRC at the end of the 2013-14 tax year. However, if you calculate your deductions using payroll software, and would be interested in submitting your PAYE information electronically as part of RTI, then please follow the instructions on the letter about RTI that we send you in October 2012. The introduction of RTI does not change when you should make payments to HMRC ? you will still need to pay over the deductions quarterly. If you do not wish to start submitting in real time in 2013-14, then you need take no further action.
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