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Create a relevant offer At the bottom of every post on Hubspot is a call to action that gives readers more information on how to be better at social media and internet marketing. What’s remarkable about Hubspot’s call to actions is their relevance. For instance, this offer for a free ebook on email marketing ProBlogger Blog Tips – The Blog : @ProBlogger 2012.08.21. http://www.problogger.net/blog/page/17/ 325 / 643 came at the bottom of a post titled “How to Breathe Life into a Boring Email Newsletter”. By offering an ebook on email marketing after a person has just spent five to ten minutes reading an article on the subject, Hubspot is able to increase conversions—they’re simply offering a way to receive more information on the topic in which a person has already expressed interest. Creating relevant offers isn’t something that can be done right away. Hubspot is able to do it because they have an entire team of marketers creating ebooks, webinars, and tools for their readers to download. As your blog progresses, you will be able to repurpose your content to create relevant calls to action.
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Using anchor text As you read this article, you might come to the conclusion that this tactic isn’t effective with bigger blogs. The fact is, it is; in fact, the bigger the blog, the better your results. The problem most people have when it comes to writing for big blogs, though, is that they don’t use anchor text, and that alone costs the author a lot of potential traffic. What makes this whole approach worthwhile is your use of anchor text. The anchor text is the keyword you use to link back to any page on your blog—it’s a vote of authority for your site, and it tells the search engines what the page you link to is all about. You have to use caution when using anchor text, though. Here are a few things you should keep in mind: Use variations: Don’t just keep using the same anchor text in your guest post bio. Use something different, but related to the same keyword. If you want to rank for “blogging tips,” don’t keep using that key phrase alone as the anchor text in every guest post. Some variations you might use are: blogging, blogging tips, blog, blog marketing, blogger, etc. All these keywords hint at the same thing, and over time you will end up ranking for your main keywords—and more. Don’t always use anchor text: Aside from using anchor text variations, one other thing you should consider is to not always use anchor text. If you think about it, not everyone will link to your blog using a keyword. Some will tell their readers to “click here” to read the article. And some will paste the direct link into their post. That’s exactly how you should approach your campaign, too —just make sure the majority of your links contain anchor text. A good approach is to use anchor text in a ratio of 1 to 10—don’t
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Alltop: Alltop is like a more sophisticated and more organized version of Technorati. Unlike Technorati, it contains more quality blogs and is neatly organized by niche. Blogs in Alltop are also manually reviewed, so it’s
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Finally I will just go over some tools that you’re probably more familiar with, and highlight how they can be used to market your video content. Hootsuite: This social media management tool allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn communications all in one place. You can therefore submit your video to your Facebook page, plus your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts through this tool. Shareaholic and Addthis: These two tools allow you to bookmark content to multiple social networks and social bookmarking sites with ease. They are also perhaps two of the most popular social sharing button plugins for WordPress. Install either one as a browser plugin (they work on all major browsers), then select the social bookmarking sites that you are interested in, and you have a one-click way to share your video posts on these platforms.
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Oneload Oneload (a.k.a. Tubemogul) is an online video distribution tool. The tool allows you to upload a video once and publish it to over 20 video platforms in one go. Prior to your first use of Oneload, you’ll need to identify all of the video platforms that you want to submit your video to, and go and create accounts with each of them. You can then link them all to your Oneload account for easy distribution. Realistically, you’re looking at around a day’s work to set up 20 accounts on video platforms and to enter your profile information, but once it’s done, it’s done. Other distribution tools
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Video publishing There are two places on the net where your video really needs to be: 1. on your blog (or website) 2. on YouTube. Initially, you should publish the video to Youtube. If you use Screenflow to make a screencast video then you can publish straight from the platform to your YouTube channel. From Camtasia, you can go straight to Vimeo. The reason that it is important to publish to Youtube is not just because it is so much larger than the other platforms and is so closely tied with both Google search and Google+, but also because it easily enables your video to be openly used by other bloggers through the video embed code shown here: Once your video’s on YouTube, anyone who has a website can grab your embed code and plonk your video on their website. This gives you additional exposure via their audience and also gives you a link back to your YouTube video. A side note here is that the number of embeds of a video is factored into the ranking algorithm of videos on Youtube and Google.
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curiosity and focus. 2. Need: This is where you explain to the target audience what their need is. This can be an obvious, wellknown need, or a need that you create on the spot. Often, a need is established by giving an extreme example of some unfortunate event that should never happen again.
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Factbrowser: Factbrowser, where I work, is a free research discovery engine that aggregates all of the latest research on business and technology, making it easier to find just the facts you need without having to wade through long reports. When you find a topic you’re interested in (like social media or mobile, for example), subscribe to the RSS feed for that topic to see highlights of the latest research.
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you have a blog on Tumblr or Posterous (which was recently acquired by Twitter), you know how convenient it is to update your blog using email. It naturally increases the frequency with which you update your blog. Today I’m going to introduce you to an easy way to post by email to your WordPress.org blog using a service I am a big fan of—ifttt. ifttt stands for If This, Then That. This service, which was introduced recently on ProBlogger, makes it really easy to do many online tasks, some of which are mentioned below. How to post by email to a WordPress.org blog 1. Create an ifttt account if you don’t already have one. 2. Activate and authorize the WordPress.org blog you want to post by email to. To do this, click on WordPress logo under Channels on ifttt. Then add the appropriate details to authorize your WordPress blog to use with ifttt. Once activated, you will see a similar screen to the one shown below. 3. Activate the email channel connection to the email account from which you’d like to send posts. All you need is to click on Email icon and enter your email address. ifttt will immediately send a PIN to this email address. Copy that PIN from the email into the box on ifttt. Once your account’s confirmed, you’ll have successfully activated the email channel. 4. Use this recipe to create a task. While creating the task, you can edit the details shown in the screenshot below to suit your needs. 5. Once the task is activated, all you have to do is send an email from the email account you confirmed in Step 3 to [email protected] with the specified # tag in the subject line. In ifttt terms, that tag says, “if email is received from the account specified earlier, then post it to the WordPress blog set up earlier.” 6. ifttt will create a post on your WordPress.org blog, using the email details as follows: 1. The subject of the email becomes the title of the blog post. 2. The body of the email becomes the content of the blog post. 3. Tags for the post are specified in the recipe. You can change these in the task details on ifttt. 4. Categories for the post are also specified by you in the ifttt recipe. There are many other recipes I use to update my WordPress.org blog, including: 1. Post photos simultaneously on Instagram and a WordPress blog. 2. Cross-post from a Tumblr blog to WordPress blog. I have been able to successfully post many updates to my blog using this process. It’s easy, painless and quick. All it takes to update your blog is an email! Stop postponing that great blog post idea just because you didn’t have the right tools at the time. Now, there’s no need to install any plugins—just use email. How do you update your WordPress blog now? Do you think email updates would make it easier for you to update your blog? If you’re already using emil updates on another platform, is it helpful? Let us know in the comments. Anurag Bansal is a technology enthusiasts and internet addict. He reviews
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use free Cyberduck, which is super-simple. Find the directory file you want to stash your media in, drag and drop, and you’re done. Step 5: Make it playable with the WordPress Audio Player plugin This free, handy little plugin is so simple—why, even I could use it. Go to your WordPress blog’s Plugins tab, search, and download. Now, all you have to do to make a neat little player appear on your site is enter a teeny bit of code like this on the HTML view of your
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Make a random connection to find an idea: There are plenty of great posts on writing great headlines, and even more on finding ideas, but I wanted to include this little gem of wisdom that Danny Iny pointed out to me a while back: Take two unrelated things, and make them work together. For example, “What The Swamp Monster Can Teach You About Blogging” or “Why Juicyfruit Gum Is Like Car Maintenance.” I just made those up, and already I’m fighting my creative brain’s desire to come up with reasons why a random monster would be a great blogger. See how awesome that is?
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11. “Talk” your posts: This is a strategy I’ve been trying more often, as I’m currently writing my second fiction thriller novel. Dragon Naturally Speaking software has a cool app that lets you speak your words into the computer. Jon Morrow of ProBlogger Blog Tips – The Blog : @ProBlogger 2012.08.21. http://www.problogger.net/blog/page/16/ 302 / 643 BoostBlogTraffic.com does this, and he’s an awesome writer. Admittedly, it takes a little while to get set up and dictating properly, but once I got it into working order, I was able to write a few posts per night in one sitting. If this isn’t “leveraging our time and energy,” I don’t know what is!
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Steal an idea: Good artists borrow, but the best artists steal. Obviously you can’t blatantly rip-off someone else’s hard work. Don’t steal word-for-word, but take a popular idea you like, read everything you can about it, and then write a post about it, in your own words. Even though it might seem like you’re ripping someone off, there’s a good chance that you’ve subconsciously put your own stylistic spin on it. When I’m pressed for time, I’ll visit some of my favorite sites to see what headlines and topics are working well, and write my own ideas on the subject. 8. Leverage your readership: I talk a lot about leverage on my own site and over at Lifehacks.org, and there’s a reason: the best creators out there don’t do every last thing themselves—they ask for help. Even though they’re the ones creating the content, art, or business, they will eventually need help vetting emails, maintaining their website, or keeping the books. Most of us already have a powerful tool at our disposal: our readers. Ask them for help. Maybe you can invite a young kid to help you go through your emails every other day, forwarding the “to respond” ones to you, and following through with the rest (if Darren had asked me to do this five years ago when I was getting started, I would have jumped at the opportunity!). Be careful to not insult them, though —don’t send the message that you expect something more from them—after all, they did sign up for your list, right?
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“Front-load” your time: “Front-load” your time in the week, and every day. Plan the larger, more thought-intensive or laborintensive tasks for earlier in the week, and first thing in the morning. Tackle the harder stuff first, and as the week moves toward the weekend, you’ll feel much more productive, energized, and motivated knowing that you’ve already taken care of the big stuff.
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Set a schedule: Keep a strict schedule if you can, using whatever tools help you stay on task and focused. Don’t let minor distractions keep you from working, and if at all possible, write it down. Writing down your schedule helps, again, to keep it out of your head so you don’t have to spend energy memorizing it. It also lets you visually see your time—allowing you to know where you are throughout your day and week. Make sure to give yourself personal time first, and stick to it. Schedule your own downtime, and don’t spend it checking email, talking on the phone, or browsing through your competitors’ blogs. Use it to hang out with friends or family, or just stop and think for 15-20 minutes. It’s liberating.
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Write things down: Not just blog posts, either. Keep a journal close at hand, and try to just write down your thoughts as they come to you. I’ve been trying this at work and at home—I have a Moleskine notebook that I keep nearby, and I’ll write down ideas, thoughts, and action items throughout my day. The result? I’m
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Hide Login: This plugin has a very simple idea behind it. You can use it to hide your login page. In other words, it creates a custom login URL. It also lets you create a custom admin URL (instead of domain.com/wp-admin), and a custom logout URL.
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BulletProof Security: The list of things this plugin does is quite impressive. It’s a really serious piece of software. Just to name a few features: protection against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts, one-click htaccess protection, wp-config.php protection, and loads of other tweaks. It’s really worth looking into.
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Adding the posts to post-conference link lists and blog roundups. An ad in your sidebar for three, six, nine, or 12 months. You’ll mention and link to the brand from your social media platforms. You’ll include a link to their site from your newsletter for the duration of the sponsorship. You’ll use brand products at the conference such as pens, notepads, tote bags, etc. You’ll mention the sponsor on the back of your business card. These are just suggestions—it’s up to you to offer items that you feel comfortable with, and which suit your blog and audience. Whatever you choose, make sure you over-deliver and provide real value to your sponsor. 4. List potential sponsors Some bloggers need to send 50 or more emails before they get sponsorship, so be prepared to contact a lot of businesses. When you’re thinking about who you would like to sponsor you, consider these points: Look at the size of your blog and the size of the business or brand you’re approaching: If you are a small blog, don’t go reaching for big brands to begin with. Instead, look at smaller businesses, bloggers and even local organizations that might suit your blog. Consider having a few sponsors instead of just one sponsor: Four sponsors sharing the cost can make it easier for you to find sponsors. Consider your niche: Are you a mummy blogger, tech blogger, food blogger, or finance blogger? Know your niche and look for sponsors that fit. For example, food bloggers might look for restaurants or food brands. It is unlikely readers of a food blog are going to be terribly interested in insurance ads! They’re there for the food.
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Mothers: Studies have shown that women who are mothers respond poorly to promotions and products that use hype to sell their benefits. These women are highly practical and intelligent, but they’re also tired and overworked. They just want honest, trustworthy products and landing pages that don’t “over-promote”. Women in general don’t like unrealistic marketing. Male teenagers: Studies have shown that male teenagers, on the other hand, are more likely to be interested in quick fixes. A generation of boys raised with video games, mobile phones, and the web generally show less patience and a greater desire for instant gratification than other market segments. As you can see, it’s not just about aligning your offer with your market: it’s also about making sure your product pitch, and presentation to your target market. For example, your offer might be an ebook. Great. Now, let’s imagine you’re targeting the younger male audience segment mentioned above. Tweaks you might make to your product and its pitch include: Using short chapter and section titles. Using imagery to communicate quickly wherever possible. Keeping the design and layout simple. Making sure the product delivers instantly, and communicates that it does so both in its body content and through any marketing materials. Using instant, easy-to-use marketing tools like video, which suits the instant-gratification needs of the target audience as well as the fact that they’ll be more likely to access the offer through a smart phone or tablet.
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