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One-way flights are often half the round-trip price, or even lower

Keep in mind that airfares are usually cheapest 4 to 6 weeks before departure, and if it?s a longer duration you might find that the return ticket is actually a lower price if you wait to book it. If your outbound flight is cheaper than your return flight, it might pay off to only book the first leg and wait on the second.
One-way flights are often half the round-trip price, or even lower - priceoftravel.com - Your Highlight Location 51-54 | Added on Wednesday, 4 September 13 10:22:53
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If you are a regular on the low-cost carriers like Southwest Airlines or EasyJet or Air Asia, you probably already know that those are typically priced as one-way segments no matter what.
One-way flights are often half the round-trip price, or even lower - priceoftravel.com - Your Highlight Location 37-41 | Added on Wednesday, 4 September 13 10:22:05
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