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On The Wire: Thirteen Essays on The Wire, Season 1

Warkentin, David
while organizations are made up of individuals, individuals do not automatically take on the values of the organization that employs them.
On The Wire: Thirteen Essays on The Wire, Season 1 - Warkentin, David - Your Highlight Location 143-144 | Added on Thursday, 16 May 13 02:01:09
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The initial impression we get is of a strange asymmetry of ineptitude as it is dealt with in each organization. Police ineptitude (or, at least, indifference) seems as if it goes up with rank, while criminal ineptitude does the opposite.
On The Wire: Thirteen Essays on The Wire, Season 1 - Warkentin, David - Your Highlight Location 87-90 | Added on Thursday, 16 May 13 01:57:25
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