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Nimble CRM Review

Contact Management and Social Listening The first thing to do is import your contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, 4Square, Google, IMAP email clients (e.g. Gmail, AOL mail, Web-based Outlook, etc.), or desktop-based Outlook (the only POP account supported) as well as Contacts CSVs. Click Import Contacts on the dashboard to get to the Import screen and select a source. In you can see the four source systems I imported my contacts from. Figure 1. Nimble Import Contacts Screen If you have contacts in desktop-based Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, you can import CSVs from them into Nimble or you can visit http://www.nimble.com/marketplace/ and grab the Nimble 4 Outlook app to launch Nimble from your Outlook toolbar. These imports are Nimble?s heart, soul, and eyeballs, so do not leave any source of contacts untapped. The more social network you have, the more Nimble can do for you. After the first viewing, Nimble defaults to ?Recently Viewed? Contacts. shows what a populated Contacts page looks like with the Sort options opened. This view represents All Contacts sorted alphabetically by first name/company name, but you also have the option to sort by Creation Date or Last Contacted Date.
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