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NEW! Google Analytics Mobile App Tracking: Data & Reports

I really like session duration. This report signifies a change in the general reporting. Google Analytics has moved away from averages towards histograms. And there?s more than just the session duration. In addition to how long the user spends, it also shows how many screes and goal conversion rate. Good context to help understand the time measurement.
NEW! Google Analytics Mobile App Tracking: Data & Reports - cutroni.com - Your Highlight Location 88-91 | Added on Tuesday, 20 August 13 21:41:26
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You?ll notice exit %. Basically this is the percent of sessions that end at this screen. When does a session end? That?s something that you get to decide via the code. It might be after 30 minutes of inactivity or it might be when the app goes into the background. It?s up to you to define and implement that via code.
NEW! Google Analytics Mobile App Tracking: Data & Reports - cutroni.com - Your Highlight Location 70-72 | Added on Tuesday, 20 August 13 21:40:46
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I?ll point out one report in this section, the Device & Network Overview. It?s fairly standard information, but it?s a new set of visuals for Google Analytics. Use the devices and Network Overview to make sure you?re creating good content for the devices your users have. The optimization opportunities focus around creating a good experience for a user! Make sure that your content/strategy works for the devices and connections they have.
NEW! Google Analytics Mobile App Tracking: Data & Reports - cutroni.com - Your Highlight Location 60-65 | Added on Tuesday, 20 August 13 21:40:18
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Google Analytics is actually tracking the campaigns and traffic sources that are driving traffic to your Google Play page. That data is passed through to the app, so you can measure the effectiveness of your web-based advertising and marketing. Please note that campaign tracking only works for Android, NOT iOS. The reason is that the campaign parameters are not passed through the Apple App store into iOS apps. And there are some limitations. To get the best data you should tag ALL of your links that point to your Google Play page with Campaign Tags.
NEW! Google Analytics Mobile App Tracking: Data & Reports - cutroni.com - Your Highlight Location 52-56 | Added on Tuesday, 20 August 13 21:39:15
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