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Makassar ? Travel guides at Wikivoyage

Ask for the female crab (it might cost more than the male crabs), female crabs have the delicious crabs egg inside them.
Makassar ? Travel guides at Wikivoyage - en.wikivoyage.org - Your Highlight Location 71-71 | Added on Wednesday, 13 November 13 19:15:54
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Makassar Hash : for those who love jogging, running or hiking with a great view, in the jungle, river, or just adventure, this is your group. Makassar Hash gather every week at Kios Semarang, a restaurant in front of Losari Beach, and the group will take you to various places every Saturday.
Makassar ? Travel guides at Wikivoyage - en.wikivoyage.org - Your Highlight Location 34-36 | Added on Wednesday, 13 November 13 19:14:44
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