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TV?s Crowning Moment of Awesome? (Esquire ? Jul 2010) ?Roger Ebert: The Essential Man? (Esquire ? Mar 2010)
Longform Blog - longform.org - Your Highlight Location 77-78 | Added on Friday, 31 May 13 01:23:49
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It just feels good to fucking win? If you want to say ?Let?s get rid of [journalism awards],? no problem. But if they exist, I want to win them. Just because I won two?I know Gary Smith has won four. I want five. Unless Gary Smith wins five, and then I want six. That?s just how I work. And maybe that?s a terrible, competitive, creepy thing. But journalism is competitive.?
Longform Blog - longform.org - Your Highlight Location 70-73 | Added on Friday, 31 May 13 01:23:36
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Much has happened in the world?s oceans, fishing ports and conservation movements in the 18 years since Seabrook?s article was published. Here?s further reading on the current status of bluefin tuna, the changing fishing industry, sushi?s role in overfishing and how to keep eating (certain) oceanic fare without feeling bad. Read More
Longform Blog - longform.org - Your Highlight Location 63-66 | Added on Friday, 31 May 13 01:23:06
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The Rough Guide to Nepal Rough Guide to... 92 Kuotes Oszlak y Orellana - SADCI Oscar Oslak 36 Kuotes Especial OMC Boletim Meridiano 47 39 Kuotes Guia Estado Plurinacional - Final 58 Kuotes Cómo la vida imita al ajedrez Kasparov, Garry 48 Kuotes The Capability Approach: Its Development, Critiques and Recent Advances David A. Clark 36 Kuotes Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic Hine, Phil 36 Kuotes Pastoral Liturgica Pablo 182 Kuotes SEGURIDAD ALIMENTARIA CAMBIOS QUINUA EXPORTACIÓN 54 Kuotes Gli sdraiati I narratori 46 Kuotes Arribas. Planificación 57 Kuotes Congestión de Tránsito, el problema y cómo enfrentarlo Cuaderno CEPAL No. 87 - lcg2199p - julio 2003 Alberto Bull compilador 64 Kuotes Darcy Ribeiro_O Povo Brasileiro Tiago Mali 196 Kuotes Ontologia del lenguaje - Cap I, II y X Acer 72 Kuotes Copia de PDM PUNATA primera parte LINUX 62 Kuotes Redalyc.Antropología y Derechos Humanos: multiculturalismo, retos y resignificaciones Alejandro BAER Marie José DEVILLARD 46 Kuotes EDUCACIÓN TÉCNICA Argentina_Chile UNESCO 180 Kuotes El Principito Antoine de Saint Exupery;Luciana Possamay 49 Kuotes Cadernos de Pol Ext - IPRI N.1 Ano 1 rafaelmendesbernardes@gmail.com 227 Kuotes Fedor Dostoiewski - Los Hermanos karamazov 34 Kuotes Site Audit: Sunday, Dec. 30 Instapaper 138 Kuotes Clase 1 5 de septiembre: El planteo del problema 142 Kuotes 67178025-Halajtayata-Racismo-y-Etnicidad-en-Bolivia Garza Azul 174 Kuotes Ninez_Indigena_en_migracion 1 72 Kuotes Las Leyes generales del ambiente y los códigos de minería de los países andinos. Instumentos de gestión ambiental y minero ambiental. Eduardo Chaparro y Catalina Moreno 56 Kuotes D- ¦íaz Polanco - Elogio de la diversidad 96 Kuotes New York Times calibre 35 Kuotes El Código del Dinero EXITO 90 Kuotes Aparecida Documento Conclusivo Celam - 31 de mayo de 2007 Celam 106 Kuotes Kafka para sobrecarregados Allan Percy 32 Kuotes Best Web Metrics / KPIs for a Small, Medium or Large Sized Business kaushik.net 33 Kuotes Microsoft Word - ENTRE PARENTESIS.doc VCC 52 Kuotes SEO, Blogging etc: Sunday, Dec. 30 Instapaper 51 Kuotes Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman 56 Kuotes Bolaño Roberto - Los Detectives Salvajes USER 90 Kuotes Diablo Guardián Xavier Velasco 80 Kuotes El viejo y Mr. Smith Peter Ustinov 86 Kuotes Monstruos invisibles Chuck Palahniuk 163 Kuotes JOVENES MIGRACIÓN POTOSI - TESIS ALEMANA Katharina Jochem 114 Kuotes libro_migraciones_CLACSO Administrador 44 Kuotes Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 220 Kuotes KindleSEO2 summa 53 Kuotes Daily News English 325 Kuotes MERCADO COCA ARGENTINA 32 Kuotes Jung-y-El-Tarot-Un-Viaje-Arquetipico sammy 386 Kuotes Why We Get Fat Gary Taubes 232 Kuotes Estudio de las políticas públicas VILLANUEVA 44 Kuotes CHISTES FRESCOS 2011 PERSONAL 50 Kuotes Research_Theory_Neural Mechanisms of Interval Timing_buhusi2005 1 70 Kuotes wiki final pastoral fundamental Casi todos 54 Kuotes