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Here are the basics of how this process works:  Sign up with a phone call tracking service, create tracking numbers and appropriate campaigns Place tracking phone numbers on your website Specify a post-back URL to be visited when a successful phone call occurs Your phone tracking system will send a visit to the post back URL, complete with all Google Analytics cookie values for the visitor who saw that exact tracking number on your lead generation site
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In fact, many phone tracking vendors offer a Google Analytics integration option as part of their service. For example, this works well with products like Marchex Voicestar and Mongoose Metrics among others.
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Do not place the Google Tag Manager snippet in (for the IT folks: this is because there is an iframe in the
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Make sure you have some version of the Google Analytics tag firing across all pages on your site. A good way to do this would be to have a basic tag firing on all pages, but blocking on pages where your more customized tags are firing (like the thank you page where you?d be firing a specialized transaction tag type).
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Can you build your own custom tag templates? And how do I become a recognized Tag Vendor within Google Tag Manager? Custom Tag templates within Google Tag Manager allow you to copy/paste any HTML or Image tags directly into Google Tag Manager and fire it based on your predefined rules and macros. To turn it into a template, use the {{macro_name}} syntax to populate the tag code with dynamic values. We will also do a syntax check to ensure that when you copy your 3rd party tag, it will fire as intended. If you?re interested in having your tag added to the list of predefined templates, apply to become a Tag Vendor within Google Tag Manager by completing this interest form.
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Can you add tags to events or buttons? Definitely! In order to use Google Tag Manager to fire tags on events and buttons, follow these steps (for more detail, read our developer document on event handlers): On your page, proactively add the dataLayer.push({ ?event?: ?myEventName?}) to the event handlers for all events and buttons you might want to track. Create a new rule where ?event equals myEventName?. Associate this rule with any tag you?d like to fire when the specified event happens.
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