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Instapaper: Wednesday, Mar. 20

See if you?re getting any referral traffic from news sites, industry-specific sites, large organizations, or well-known blogs. Spot check to make sure they?re not mentioning you in a negative way. Then get your content writer, communications person, and webmaster to include some ?as seen/mentioned on?? on your website and other marketing material.
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To segment out referred traffic from web-based email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, ?), filter for ?mail? in your list of referred traffic sources. Now apply a secondary dimension to this data to include landing page. What you?re looking at now is your Hall of Fame of Emailed Content.
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Analyze the list of sites that are sending you referral traffic, and take note of any social media sites. Which ones are sending you a high volume of visits, or highly engaged visitors? Look for lower bounce rates, higher pages/visit, and longer average time on site. These social media sites are the ones you should focus in on,
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Check out the websites that are sending you referred visitors, and see whether opportunities exist for leaving a comment, or even submitting a (non-paid) guest post on these sites.
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Paid Display Advertising Are you seeing any good traffic from blogs, publishers, or other content creators/curators? Don?t worry if it?s only a small nugget of golden visitors. With display advertising, we?re turning this small nugget into the next gold rush! (Next step: retire like a pope.) See if these websites offer advertising space directly or whether they?re part of a larger ad network (Google Display Network, DoubleClick, OpenX, ?). The odds are that you can augment the naturally referred visits with display ads, control the messaging to their audience, and throttle more of their visitors to your site. Pay on a cost-per-click model and get a solid idea of how many visits you?ll get with your budget.
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Research_Theory_Neural Mechanisms of Interval Timing_buhusi2005 1 70 Kuotes Instapaper: Tuesday, Apr. 9 Instapaper 39 Kuotes ¿Comer de nuestra tierra? Estudios de caso sobre tierra y producción de alimentos en Bolivia Fundación TIERRA 46 Kuotes Jung-y-El-Tarot-Un-Viaje-Arquetipico sammy 386 Kuotes Os Sete André Vianco 42 Kuotes Tres experiencias exitosas de Chile en la educación técnico-profesional de nivel medio; 2008 UNESCO Office Santiago, Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean 36 Kuotes La quinua: cultivo milenario para contribuir a la seguridad alimentaria mundial FAO 58 Kuotes Ghio y Fernandez Lenguaje y construccion de significados - Ghio, Elsa; Fernandez, Maria Delia 58 Kuotes Calder%80%A0%A6%F3n%20y%20Szmukler%20-%20Cultura%20pol%80%A0%A6%EDtica%20y%20desarrollo Calderon 34 Kuotes NOTAS JAN-JUN 2015 MRE NOTAS 119 Kuotes Técnicas del guión para cine y televisión Eugene Vale 396 Kuotes SM01 Ismeretlen 426 Kuotes Parra. construcción movimientos sociales2 61 Kuotes Instapaper: Sunday, Dec. 30 Instapaper 32 Kuotes IGLESIA EN MISIÓN Severino Dianich 370 Kuotes MIGRACIÓN Y EDUCACIÓN 50 Kuotes Instapaper: Tuesday, Jun. 26 Instapaper 43 Kuotes El Principito Antoine de Saint Exupery;Luciana Possamay 49 Kuotes Arellano 46 Kuotes The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance Phinney, Stephen;Jeff Volek 90 Kuotes @Take Notes: Sunday, Dec. 30 Instapaper 116 Kuotes Instapaper: Thursday, May. 23 Instapaper 32 Kuotes Clase 7 13 de agosto: La evaluación de políticas públicas 54 Kuotes SEOMOZ1 Ismeretlen 144 Kuotes MERCADO COCA ARGENTINA 32 Kuotes All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending Laura Vanderkam 99 Kuotes Cosmos Carl Sagan 82 Kuotes El ojo del fotógrafo Freeman, Michael 95 Kuotes Microsoft Word - GSocial Karen Mokate-JJS.doc miriamca 32 Kuotes Bourdieu Pierre - Sociología y Cultura - ISBN 968-419-852-6 Daniel 302 Kuotes Instapaper: Monday, Aug. 19th Instapaper 34 Kuotes KindleSEO07 summa 33 Kuotes Comunicación no verbal Spanish Edition 205 Kuotes Grain Brain David Perlmutter 118 Kuotes Instapaper: Friday, Mar. 15 Instapaper 60 Kuotes Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder Taleb, Nassim Nicholas 68 Kuotes El Código del Dinero EXITO 90 Kuotes Instapaper: Tuesday, May. 21 Instapaper 46 Kuotes Calder- ¦ón - Ciudadan- ¦ía y DH 32 Kuotes Instapaper: Thursday, Jan. 3 Instapaper 40 Kuotes Tolstoi, Leon Librodot.com 97 Kuotes La troika y los 40 ladrones Santiago Camacho 38 Kuotes LA CULTURA DE LA POBREZA "" Autor desconocido 93 Kuotes Educacion para la ciudadania Gutierrez, Alberto 50 Kuotes Arte y Archivo. 1920-2010. Genealogías, Tipologías y Discontinuidades Guash, Anna Maria 67 Kuotes Mcdonal. Global-Movements-Action-Culture 105 Kuotes Arribas. Planificación 57 Kuotes PB003 Ismeretlen 133 Kuotes Changing Signs of Truth: A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication Crystal L. Downing 142 Kuotes Lecciones de cine Laurent Tirard 81 Kuotes