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Instapaper: Wednesday, Jan. 2

Finding Structure in Big Data By Ankur Moitra 
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By 1952, Nixon had been chosen as Dwight Eisenhower?s vice-presidential running mate, but not before he was embroiled in a scandal that led to the infamous Checkers Speech.
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The Prisoner?s Dilemma appears to be an absurdly simple game, but Axelrod collected an amazing variety of strategies for playing it. He organized a tournament in which each of the strategies plays the iterated game against each of the others. The results of the tournament show that this game has a deep and subtle mathematical structure. There is no optimum strategy. No matter what Bob does, Alice can do better if she has a ?Theory of Mind,? reconstructing Bob?s mental processes from her observation of his behavior.
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Combine Dropbox & Calibre For Universal Access To All Your E-Books
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