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Instapaper: Sunday, Jul. 28

Today Clissold Arms is an upscale gastropub with heaps of Kinks memorabilia (it also hosts regular Kinks-related events). I had a meal, a beer, and a good look around. But I had more in mind than just snapping photos of old Kinks 45s on the wall.
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Let your hair down at the Shambala Festival (August 22-25). The annual event draws thousands of ?dreamers, thinkers, artists, radicals and romanticists? to Northamptonshire for four days of  live music, cabaret, comedy
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Namibia is a land of adventure of many stripes?from the soft and cushioned clean-hands adventure to the difficult wearying treks, this is a destination that must be experienced first hand to be fully believed. With recovering wildlife stocks, sparse population, spotty history as a former part of South Africa, and larger cities founded originally by German colonists, one of the funny sayings about Namibia that seems to bear some truth is ?It?s like Africa?only better?.
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The WWF, local tribes, the federal government, local lodge owners, and others are working together to see that a tourist?s money actually benefits everyone, not just one party. Tourism doesn?t always protect wildlife, locals, and business interests. But it can. And it?s beautiful even in the tension that is inevitable in such a complicated system.
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intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com ? Archive ? Like & Archive ? Like
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