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Instapaper: Saturday, Nov. 16th

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The video covers these high-level topics (and you can skip to the exact portion of the video that might be of interest): Creating a SEO strategy Using Webmaster Central as mock company Building an SEO strategy Understand searcher persona workflow Determine company and website goals Audit your site to best reach your audience Execute and make improvements
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The Economics of Star Trek medium.com ? Archive ? Like
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The Economics of Star Trek medium.com
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So, then, take that journey. What, then, of labor? In today?s terms, a ?healthy? economy now is one at or near full employment. A healthy economy now is one where everyone has a job. But in our mental exercise, those jobs are actually unrelated to a healthy economy, at least from strict economic terms. Everyone?s fed and housed and tons of people simply don?t need to work. Right now, we have them working making shit we don?t need. Is that any better than them not working? I give you we?re in some fringe areas of economics here, but I have always wondered: is there any economic proof that we need full employment to reach full satisfaction of needs? To my knowledge, there isn?t. There?s a body of economics that goes into standards of living, and the increased standard of living. And here we get to our shitty world of unabated consumerism,Thorstein Veblen?s conspicuous consumption and George Battaille?s accursed share???the inevitable destiny of all economies to eventually produce more than they need, and, thus, waste it.
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But adding UTM tags is just the beginning! This will ensure that all your incoming traffic is being properly measured and that you can learn how much revenue they brought. However, you also want to know how much you spent in each campaign so that you can compare your campaigns ROI. In order to do that you will need to upload your cost data to Google Analytics, this way you will be able to view all marketing spending in one centralized place.
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2. Tag all your marketing campaigns and upload Cost Data Google Analytics (GA) automatically detects when visitors reach a website through a search or website referral, but it won?t know a visitor came from a newsletter unless you tell it. The same happens to AdWords campaigns: you need to link AdWords to Analytics in order to receive detailed reports about its performance. If you are sending newsletters, doing banner campaigns or even offline advertising, it is important to use campaign tags properly. Basically, Google Analytics will tell you the source of a visitor only if she/he comes through a click on another website or on a search result. All other medium must be tagged in order to appear on your reports. That?s why Google Analytics developed a system called UTM parameters. Basically, the system allows marketers to construct links that convey specific information about how the visitor arrived at the website. Using the UTM method we can create links that include five variables which, taken together, help Google Analytics see how visitors arrived at the website: Source describes the origin of the visitor. Since every visitor must come from someplace, this is a required parameter. It is usually the URL of the website where the campaign is running, such as bbc.com, econsultancy.com, newsletter or others. Medium describes the channel used by the visitor. It is also a required parameter. It could be cpc, banner, social, email or others. Name describes the name of the campaign. It could be a special campaign, such as Halloween_2013, an ongoing campaign, such as Product_x, or a newsletter edition, such as newsletter_oct2013. Term describes the term clicked on a campaign. For example, if you create a cpc campaign on Bing you might want to use this parameter to differentiate between clicks on each search term. Content describes the version of an advertisement on which a visitor clicked. It is usually used to analyze the effectiveness of banner design or copy in a campaign. For example, if you advertise on BBC and use two different banners, you would use the same parameters for source, medium and name, but would add a unique value for each banner on the content UTM; this would enable you to learn which banner is better at bringing high converting visitors. In order to build links using the UTM parameters check the URL Builder. Below is a screenshot of how your data will appear in Google Analytics and which type of insights you will be able to extract from it. In the last two rows, you will notice that Facebook is now separated into two: referral and social. Referral visits are the ones coming from people sharing your content virally, while social is the content that this site is sharing as a marketing initiative. Note the difference in conversion rates! google-url-builder If you have existing campaigns tagged with link parameters different from those GA uses, there is a way to translate them into UTMs without physically changing the campaign links; but this would require an addition to the GA tracking code. For technical implementation details on the codes to be added, check the following section on the GA code website.
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