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Instapaper: Monday, May. 6

All well and good for those who see a large and enthusiastic twitter following as the be all and end all, but how do you turn this pool of potential customers into actual contracts? According to Lesley Pennington, the path to conversions for Bemz is not something that can be rushed. ?Further develop social media relationships via email. According to Monetate, a provider of Marketing Optimisation & Website Optimisation Solutions, social media has low conversion rates relative to email. Getting a customer relationship garnered via social media to ?Buy Now? takes a little more work. A good tip is to cross-reference your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email to increase the momentum.?
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It can take some time to figure out what content is going to hit home with an audience. Tweak your posts until you find your voice. And change content as often as possible to keep your online presence vibrant and alive.?
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According to a study at Ivy League business school, Wharton, content that is positive, emotional, surprising, and useful increases social transmission. So skip the sales pitch, instead build customer trust by becoming an authoritative voice in your field.?
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On Twitter for example, find and follow the influencers in your industry, and then connect to their followers by following them too. You?ll soon see your followers, friends and fans multiply.?
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Pick your channels and get to know them. Rather than spreading yourself thin on too many social media platforms, start with a few and get to know how they can work for you. Facebook for example is very interactive, Twitter is a broadcast forum where you can start (and interrupt) conversations and position yourself as an authority. And Pinterest is a powerful tool for spreading visual content.?
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My latest column for BBC Future, a cautionary tale of scientific research, with an Olympic theme. Original here.
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