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India travel advice

Rail travel Don?t accept food or drinks from strangers. There have been reports of travellers being drugged and robbed on trains often on overnight journeys. Take particular care of your passport and valuables when boarding and while on the train. Avoid individuals at railway stations offering tickets and tours.
India travel advice - GOV.UK - www.gov.uk - Your Highlight Location 85-88 | Added on Thursday, 3 October 13 01:03:47
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There have been incidents of sexual offences against women (including British nationals) in Goa, Delhi and Rajasthan. Female travellers should take basic personal safety precautions. See our Women travellers and Rape and sexual assault overseas pages.
India travel advice - www.fco.gov.uk - Your Highlight Location 52-55 | Added on Thursday, 3 January 13 04:10:35
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Safeguard your passport and credit/ATM cards, particularly when travelling by bus and train. There has been an increase in handbag snatching in Delhi.
India travel advice - www.fco.gov.uk - Your Highlight Location 46-47 | Added on Thursday, 3 January 13 04:10:13
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Large-scale protests in the city centre of New Delhi, following the death in Singapore of the gang-rape victim, have eased, but smaller demonstrations may be ongoing. You should therefore take particular care when visiting the city centre and be careful to avoid any demonstrations, which could turn violent. Monitor news broadcasts for up-to-date information.
India travel advice - www.fco.gov.uk - Your Highlight Location 5-7 | Added on Thursday, 3 January 13 04:08:30
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