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Always put together your to-do/task list for a given month at the start of that month. That way, you can focus on current tasks and better address client needs.
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No task takes more than 2 hours. This is kind of arbitrary, but I insist that my team create tasks that are atomic ? that are definable, achievable things. So ?code administration site? is an awful task. ?Set up authentication for administration site? is a lot better. Doing it this way has three benefits: It lets everyone track progress day to day, and prevents the deadline ambush. You?re less likely to get interrupted mid-task if tasks are shorter. You have far more between-task times to handle all the other stuff that inevitably comes up.
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Messages record all communication within a project. Worst case, all e-mails and phone conversations should be cut-and-paste into a text file as a project record. In BaseCamp, you can use the Messages tool. Any e-mail involving the project should be sent via or stored in the BaseCamp Message tool. If you have a phone call, record the notes from the call as a message. If you send a file to everyone, again, use the Message tool.
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