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How Google+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter | SEOmoz

the most important aspects of on-page optimization, Google wisely choose longer, more descriptive title tags. Compare these to the shorter title tags offered by Facebook and Twitter, which often run no longer than three unique words. Here?s the title tag to 3 different posts, all by Rand Fishkin. Each of these posts is indexed by Google. Facebook ? Yesterday, I? Twitter ? Twitter / @randfish: Running test of Google+?s ? Google+ ? Rand Fishkin ? Google+ ? Shocking how many of the folks featured in this post form?
How Google+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter | SEOmoz - SETrends - Your Highlight Location 76-84 | Added on Monday, 8 October 12 12:28:16
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My public Google+ profile contains a wealth of information, all visible to search engines, including: Biographical Information Full Text of Public Posts Photos Links to people who have added me to their circles Everything I have ever +1?d
How Google+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter | SEOmoz - SETrends - Your Highlight Location 61-65 | Added on Monday, 8 October 12 12:27:43
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Profiles aren?t the only thing ranking. Individual Google+ posts frequently appear in search results as well. Ranking for people?s names is one of the Holy Grails of search, like Amazon ranking for every book in print. With 7 billion people in the world, ranking on the first page for even a small portion of these is lucrative territory.
How Google+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter | SEOmoz - SETrends - Your Highlight Location 35-38 | Added on Monday, 8 October 12 12:26:28
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