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Google Analytics Connector

Google Analytics Connector
Google Analytics Connector - pardot.com - Your Highlight Location 2-2 | Added on Sunday, 24 November 13 14:11:36
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Optionally, you can enable the connector to create a new Pardot campaign based on your Google Analytics campaign tag and also use that value for your prospects? Pardot campaigns. This will automatically generate a new campaign, if there is not already one by that name, for any new prospects coming in from tagged URLs. This feature will also set new prospects? Pardot campaigns to that value (rather than only populating the Campaign field in the Google Analytics section of the record).
Google Analytics Connector - pardot.com - Your Highlight Location 11-14 | Added on Sunday, 24 November 13 14:10:09
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The Google Analytics Connector is designed to simplify the flow of information between Google Analytics, Pardot and your CRM system. The connector will allow those using Google Analytics Keyword Tags in URLs to pass those tags into Pardot. Once the tags are in Pardot, the fields can be synced with a compatible CRM system, allowing you to use the CRM reporting features to run custom analysis on your tags. Data will be collected from all five of the Google Analytics tags: campaign name, medium, source, content, and term.
Google Analytics Connector - pardot.com - Your Highlight Location 7-11 | Added on Sunday, 24 November 13 14:09:57
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