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Get more value from your survey data

Factor analysis enables you to discover clusters or groups of questions about similar concepts, based on correlations or covariances between questions. You can use the factors to: ? Create scales or compound measures composed of several questions ? Reduce the number of questions on a questionnaire by, for example, identifying questions that measure the same concept ? Understand the relationships between several questions simultaneously
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This white paper introduces you to four types of advanced analysis ? cluster, factor, reliability and regression ? that can help you gain important insights that you might miss using more basic methods. By expanding your survey analysis toolkit, you can delve deeper into your data to increase your understanding of survey responses and respondents, create better measures of important concepts and make more accurate predictions about behaviors and attitudes. Here is a brief overview of the four techniques: ? Cluster analysis is used to discover similar groups, or segments, of respondents. Segmentation enables you to focus sales and marketing efforts on defined groups. You can also use subgroups in analyses, to be more sensitive to differences between respondents. ? Factor and reliability analysis enable you to combine several questions into a more valid and reliable measure of an important concept. They also help you isolate survey questions that may be redundant or unnecessary. ? Regression analysis is used to create predictive behavior models that include many predictor variables simultaneously. Regression analysis enables you to identify the best predictors, so you can focus on them in future actions.
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