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Provide continuous professional development that is aligned with teacher needs;
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 283-284 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:28:35
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Develop a thorough implementation plan and train teachers before distributing digital devices;
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 280-280 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:27:12
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They reported that teachers used the laptops to develop instructional materials, access information related to instruction, and communicate with colleagues; students used laptops to complete classroom assignments and conduct research Since the implementation of the initiatives, in many implementing locales there has been a shift from teacher-centered to student-centered instructional practices in the classroom, with teachers facilitating more and presenting less, and many students becoming more self-directed learners Students have shown an increase in engagement and motivation after the implementation of several of the 1:1 initiatives Some but not all of the evaluations also have found an association between laptop use and increased student achievement in several academic areas Evaluators also report that laptops have facilitated the development of 21st century skills (e g , digital literacy, creativity and innovation skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and collaboration, and selfdirected learning) among students
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 268-275 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:20:50
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Technology Facilitator responsibilities typically include providing instructional support and professional development to teachers, while technicians focus primarily on providing technical support to teachers and students (e g , setting up computers, installing software, troubleshooting, and handling virus protection and removal;
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 261-264 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:19:26
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Infrastructure: 1:1 initiatives tend to be more successful in schools with robust technology infrastructures and efficient technical and instructional support
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 256-257 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:18:16
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a desire for opportunities to collaborate and share successful lessons for a 1:1 classroom environment
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 255-256 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:14:54
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Teachers in Maine identified lack of time and a lack of professional opportunities as obstacles to the integration of laptops into their curriculum
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 253-254 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:13:24
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Their professional development was characterized by an emphasis on proficiency with the products, rather than on ways to integrate laptops into their teaching environments
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 251-252 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:13:00
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Professional development that is not sensitive to the needs of implementing teachers and schools was less effective
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 249-250 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 0:04:37
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initial and ongoing targeted professional development,
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 277-277 | Añadido el jueves 19 de julio de 2012, 7:51:56
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schools also gave professional development high priority by building in training days, basing training on teachers? evolving needs, and holding teachers accountable for implementing what they had learned
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 248-249 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 23:55:09
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studied a two-year, 200-hour 1:1 professional development program and found that it ?was effective in changing teaching and technology practices, which in turn led to improved student performance on standardized mathematics tests? (p i), suggesting that well-planned and sustained professional development is more effective than sporadic training
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 242-245 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 23:52:53
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Professional development: High-quality professional development is necessary for the success of 1:1 initiatives
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 241-242 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 23:37:20
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teachers in higher-implementing schools exhibited positive attitudes about the laptop project, expressed an awareness of why immersion was important, appreciated and enjoyed the professional development opportunities, and felt an increase in confidence and in their technology skills By contrast, teachers in lower-implementing schools resisted the instructional and structural changes required by the initiative and often abandoned technology-related efforts when faced with technical problems
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 234-237 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 23:34:59
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another factor that contributes to the effectiveness of 1:1 initiatives is ?the presence of one or more key individuals in the schools who [serve] as champions of the laptop program and [provide] strong leadership during implementation of the program In some cases, this was the school principal, in others it was a formally designated or informally designated teacher leader, and in a few cases it was a technology coordinator?
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 228-231 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 23:31:49
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Leadership: Effective leadership is crucial for the success of a 1:1 initiative Leadership that promotes a shared vision for technology usage can influence greatly the outcomes of a 1:1 initiative
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 226-227 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 22:55:48
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Students became teachers and teachers became learners Students
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 223-223 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 22:51:48
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Teachers in Michigan reported that having laptops increased their use of studentcentered practices They spent significantly less time on whole-class lecture and more time working with individual students and walking through the room observing and interacting with students
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 220-222 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 22:50:28
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Teacher and student roles: Teacher and student roles tend to shift after implementation of 1:1 In several of the 1:1 initiatives, teachers shifted away from traditional pedagogical approaches and became facilitators and coaches
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 217-219 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 22:48:58
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Teachers in the initiatives reported a positive impact on classroom instruction, and teacher readiness to integrate technology Teachers in the Michigan initiative showed great confidence that they knew how to meaningfully integrate laptop use into lessons, align use of the laptops with curriculum standards, and conduct lessons with students using laptops
FI_laptop-initiatives-summary-of-research-across-six-states - - Mi subrayado Posición 211-213 | Añadido el miércoles 18 de julio de 2012, 22:47:36
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