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Does the Buying Funnel Apply to Online Search?

Jim Jansen Makes an Appearance on Marketing Nirvana In cast you missed it, we launched a radio show a few months ago called Marketing Nirvana. The show is also available on iTunes, or you can subscribe to the Marketing Nirvana group to receive updates. In the show airing Monday April 4th at 9am PST / Noon EST Jim and I walk through some of the research, examine each hypothesis, and give some practical tips for how you can not just take advantage of the best practice people or the testers ? but also get information directly from the actual researchers. If you would like to read the paper we?re discussing, you can find it here (Note: PDF File).
Does the Buying Funnel Apply to Online Search? - brad - Your Highlight Location 39-46 | Added on Sunday, 18 August 13 14:28:20
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