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Determine What To Charge as a Consultant

Karen E. Klein
Value-based billing is what a consultant charges when she is confident she can save her clients substantial money. For example, a consultant designing employee stock ownership plans might save a corporate client $300,000 in taxes. "In terms of man hours, the consultant may spend only 20 hours total on the project," Rhodes says. "But the positive financial impact on the client is so enormous that the consultant is justified in charging $30,000 for designing the plan."
Determine What To Charge as a Consultant - Karen E. Klein - Your Highlight Location 25-28 | Added on Sunday, 15 September 13 15:53:48
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A contingency fee is used only in certain industries and is riskier because it is payable only if the work proves successful. For instance, a publicity agent might write and distribute a press release at no up-front cost to a client. The agent would be paid an agreed-on amount, but only if the press release results in articles about that client, Rhodes says.
Determine What To Charge as a Consultant - Karen E. Klein - Your Highlight Location 19-22 | Added on Sunday, 15 September 13 15:53:13
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