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a financial services company is using tag management in order to strip the page URLs of any personally identifiable information.
Buyers_Guide_to_Tag_Management - es6.mike@gmail.com - Your Highlight Location 212-213 | Added on Sunday, 17 February 13 01:46:48
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Privacy Privacy is an ever-growing field and as new privacy legislations are introduced so does the complexity of deploying tags. Just recently, we?ve seen the introduction of ?Do Not Track? settings within browsers and new legislations are considering enforcing these settings. An enterprise tag management system will allow organizations to support this initiative even if their digital marketing vendors don?t. Additionally, we?re seeing new legislations arising from various EU countries that want to see tracking to be done on an ?opt-in? basis instead of ?opt-out?. This adds more complexity in how tagging is done, especially for multi-national companies. An enterprise tag management system will allow organizations to enforce various legislations without adding extra burden on IT departments.
Buyers_Guide_to_Tag_Management - es6.mike@gmail.com - Your Highlight Location 203-209 | Added on Sunday, 17 February 13 01:46:22
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Tag Management Provides a Single View of The Visitor Journey By incorporating all marketing tags in the same platform, marketers gain a more holistic view of the visitor journey from within their analytics implementation. Understanding the visitor journey helps marketers solve the marketing attribution challenge. For examples, marketers can learn which channels are most effective at attracting first-time buyers and which channels are redundant, helping reduce marketing costs. The visitor journey also helps marketers reduce commissions associated with pay-for-performance vendors. The savings from commission de-duplication can in some cases pay for the entire tag management costs.
Buyers_Guide_to_Tag_Management - es6.mike@gmail.com - Your Highlight Location 103-108 | Added on Sunday, 17 February 13 01:38:05
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