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Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program

the biggest challenge is great ideas to test and accurate success measurement.
Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program - kaushik.net - Your Highlight Location 86-87 | Added on Monday, 15 April 13 02:05:02
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One really simple recommendation is to get everyone involved in the test to bet on the outcome (only in US states where betting is legal). Everyone loves betting and since these might be their tests they might really like the odds of winning. Stay with something small, one dollar for every prediction of the success metric or which version of the test will win.
Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program - kaushik.net - Your Highlight Location 70-73 | Added on Sunday, 14 April 13 23:10:30
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# 5 Create goals/decisions before hand: Another big mistake that is often made is that even if the success metric is known we don?t bother to set parameters to judge the ?victory? by. Decide what the success metrics for the test are before you launch and don?t forget to create a goal for those metrics. So you are launching a test to improve conversion rate. Great. By how much do you think you?ll improve the conversion rate? Frequently that thought has not been put in up front but it is extremely critical for these two reasons: It forces you to think, to do some research as to what the current trends in those success metrics are and go through a goal creation exercise for your test. The awesomely cool outcome of this is that you?ll be able to judge if you should do the test in the first place. So if testing dancing monkeys on your home page will only improve conversion rate by 0.001% (your goal) then maybe that test is not worthwhile, you should think of something more powerful. If you do $10 billion in sales on your website then clearly a 0.001% lift will endear you to your company leader / VP /CEO / guy-gal with bigger title than yours. Bottom-line: This will push the thought envelope and at the same time encourage creation of tests that will yield more powerful customer experience improvements on your site.
Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program - kaushik.net - Your Highlight Location 33-43 | Added on Sunday, 14 April 13 23:07:45
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# 6 State a hypothesis, not test scenario: Most often people will come to you and say, I want to run a test different box shots, can you swap this image with text, we should try different promotions etc. The golden rule is: Always start with a hypothesis, not test details or test scenario. Turn to the person and say ?what is your hypothesis.? It is amazing how many times people are taken aback by that. Mostly because we as humans don?t want to put that much thought into anything. The magic of this question is that it forces people to take a step back and think. They might come back to you and say ?my hypothesis is that images of people are much more powerful at making a connection than current box shots hence we will have a higher engagement score (or sales or whatever)? or ?my hypothesis is that visitors to the site are more interested in user generated content than our company propaganda?. Bottom-line: Two great outcomes: 1) You can now contribute to the creation of the test, rather than just starting with a ?I want you to do this? 2) In every well crafted hypothesis is a clear success measurement (how we?ll know which test version wins). If you don?t see a success measurement in the hypothesis then you don?t have a well thought out hypothesis.
Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program - kaushik.net - Your Highlight Location 23-33 | Added on Sunday, 14 April 13 23:06:38
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