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Analyzing the Analyzers

Harlan Harris, Sean Murphy, and Marck Vaisman
Binita, Chao, Dmitri, and Rebecca are data scientists. What does that statement tell you about them? Probably not as much as you?d like. You know they probably know something about statistics, programming, and data visualization. You?d hope that they had some experience finding insights from data, maybe even ?big data.? But if you?re trying to find the best person for a job, you need to be more specific than just ?doctor,? or ?athlete,? or ?data scientist.? And that?s a problem. Finding the right people for a task is all about efficient communication and, without the appropriate shared vocabulary, data science talent and data science problems are too often kept apart.
Analyzing the Analyzers - Harlan Harris, Sean Murphy, and Marck Vaisman - Your Highlight Location 20-24 | Added on Tuesday, 2 July 13 15:37:25
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