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if all web visitors were to have a login account in order to view your website, this issue could be overcome.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 428-428 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:12:02
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1. Be sure to select a tool that uses first-party cookies for data collection. 2. Don?t confuse visitor identifiers. For example, if first-party cookies are deleted, do not resort to using IP address information. It is better simply to ignore that visitor. 3. Remove or report separately all non-human activity from your data reports, such as robots and server-performance monitors. 4. Track everything. Don?t limit tracking to landing pages. Track your entire website?s activity, including file downloads, internal search terms, and outbound links. 5. Regularly audit your website for page tag completeness (at least monthly for large websites). Sometimes site content changes result in tags being corrupted, deleted, or simply forgotten. 6. Display a clear and easy-to-read privacy policy (required by law in the European union). This establishes trust with your visitors because they better understand how they?re being tracked and are less likely to delete cookies. 7. Avoid making judgments on data that is less than 24 hours old, because it?s often the most inaccurate. 8. Test redirection URLs to guarantee that they maintain tracking parameters. 9. Ensure that all paid online campaigns use tracking URLs to differentiate from non-paid sources. 10. Use visit metrics in preference to unique visitor metrics because the latter are highly inaccurate.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 416-425 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:10:05
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Ten Recommendations For Enhancing Accuracy
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 410-411 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:09:53
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these errors are so large that the metric becomes meaningless and should be avoided where possible in favor of more accurate ?visit? data. That said, if you must use unique visitors as a key metric, ensure the emphasis is on the trend, not the absolute number.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 407-409 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:07:50
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browsers make it very easy these days for cookies to be removed?see the new ?incognito? features of the latest Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 406-407 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:07:35
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cookies get lost, blocked, and deleted?nearly one-third of tracking cookies can be missing after a period of four weeks.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 404-405 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:07:21
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Note : From experience, the most common reasons for discrepancies between PPC vendor reports and web analytics tools arise from: ? Tracking URLs failing to distinguish paying and nonpaying visitors ? Slow page downloading ? Losing data via third-party ad-tracking redirects
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 383-386 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:03:37
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If you are unsure of what to do, you can avoid the problem completely by using encoded landing-page URLs tracking system, as described parameters, replace the within your third-party adat the following site:
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 381-383 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:03:26
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Some third-party ad-tracking systems allow you to second ? with a # so the URL can be processed correctly.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 380-381 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:03:14
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Some third-party ad-tracking systems will detect this error and remove the second question mark and the following tracking leading to a loss of campaign data.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 379-380 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:03:06
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your landing page URL may look like this: mpaign=Jan10 When added to a third-party tracking system for redirection, it could look like this: ource=google&medium=ppc&campaign=Jan10
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 375-378 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:02:58
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Losing Tracking URLs Through Redirects Using third-party ad-tracking systems?such Search, Blue Streak, DoubleClick, Efficient Director?to track click-throughs to your website means your visitors are passed through redirection URLs. This results in the initial click being registered by your ad company, which then automatically redirects the visitor to your actual landing page. The purpose of this two-step hop is to allow the ad-tracking network to collect visitor statistics independently of your organization, typically for billing purposes. Because this process involves a short delay, it may prevent some visitors from landing on your page. The result can be a small loss of data and therefore failure to align data.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 368-373 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:02:33
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a visitor may click your ad several times (inadvertently or on purpose) within a short space of time. Google AdWords automatically investigates this influx and removes the additional click-throughs and charges from your account.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 360-361 | Added on Tuesday, 26 February 13 00:01:00
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therefore, from a reporting point of view, the recommendation is to not compare AdWords visitor numbers for the current day. this recommendation holds true for all web analytics solutions and all PPc advertising networks.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 357-359 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:59:57
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Most web analytics tools measure visitors who can accept a cookie. Those are not always going to be the same thing when you consider the effects on your web analytics data of cookie blocking, Javascript errors, and visitors who simply navigate away from your landing page quickly?before the page tag collects its data. Because of this, web analytics tools tend to slightly underreport visits from PPC networks.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 349-352 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:59:16
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if your PPC landing pages are slow to download for whatever reason (server delays, page bloat, and so on), it is likely that visitors will click away, navigating to another page on your site or even to a different website, before the data-collection tag has had chance to load. the chance of this happening increases the longer the page load time is. the general rule of thumb for what constitutes a long page load is only two seconds (see ml).
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 344-348 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:59:00
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Tracking URLs: Missing Paid Search Click-throughs Tracking URLs are required in your PPC account setup in order to differentiate between a non-paid search engine visitor click-through and a paid click-through from the same referring domain ? or, for example. Tracking URLs are simple modifications to your landing page URLs within your PPC account and are of the form Tracking URLs forgotten during setup, or sometimes simply assigned incorrectly can lead to such visits incorrectly assigned.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 339-343 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:58:46
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The reason some vendors prefer to ignore the last page is that it is considered the most inaccurate from a time point of view? perhaps the visitor was interrupted to run an errand or left their browser in its current state while working on something else. Many users behave in this way; that is, they complete their browsing task and simply leave their browser open on the last page while working in another application. A small number of pageviews of this type will disproportionately skew the time-on-site and timeon-page calculations; hence, most vendors avoid this issue.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 315-318 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:39:33
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How can the time on page be calculated for pageB if there is no following timestamp? Different vendors handle this in different ways. Some ignore the final pageview in the calculation; others use an onUnload event to add a timestamp should the visitor close their browser or go to a different website. Both are valid methods, although not every vendor uses the onUnload method.
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 312-315 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:39:18
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Time Differences
accuracy-whitepaper - - Your Highlight Location 309-309 | Added on Monday, 25 February 13 23:39:06
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