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Create Buy-in Have you ever seen someone post a survey asking for data or topics for a post? The magic of that tactic isn?t just that other people are helping create your content ? it?s that each one of those people has just bought into your post. As soon as they provide data or feedback, they?ll want to know what you?ll do with it. The trick to this one is that you have be specific
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Be A Tease This is the advanced form of pre-announcing. Did you ever watch a movie preview and it was so awesome you stopped caring about the movie you actually paid to see? Studios are great at turning short versions of their work into teasers ? take the best minute or two, put it to dramatic music with a booming voiceover, and Bam ? magic!
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Pre-Announce You?ve got a post scheduled, and you?re itching to click [Publish]. Why not share that excitement? Even if you don?t have a link yet, let people know you?ve got something great in the works. I don?t think there?s anything wrong with a Tweet like this: Of course, please see Section (i) ? for this to work, you have to mean it. If you?ve never been psyched about anything, or you send out this message twice a day, you?re going to sound like an ass. The best way not to sound like an ass is not to be an ass.
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but priming the pump starts long before the eve of your launch. The first word in social media is ?social? ? if you just create an account on every platform, broadcast your own links, and never participate, you?ll get no results. The only exception is if you?re already famous. The rules that apply to Kim Kardashian don?t apply to you. Life isn?t fair.  If you?re already famous,
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