70668: Teaching in a Networked Classroom - Savage, Jonathan

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This infrastructure was always envisioned as primarily a place to share by the inventor himself: The dream behind the Web is of a common information space in which we communicate by sharing information. (Berners-Lee 1998) Mobile technologies with geo-location services linked to social networks have allowed people to coordinate their sharing with greater and greater precision. Online social networks are today?s word-of-mouth, where strong and weak ties combine to extend the reach of local communities. Because trust is the oil that allows sharing in a community, mechanisms for enabling trust to thrive online are constantly in development. Escrow legal agreements; the integration of users? social graph (Facebook + LinkedIn + Google+) to establish identity; ratings systems; and reputation engines (such as TrustCloud) are all designed to establish ?reputation capital? (Botsman 2010) in order to build trust between strangers.

Teaching in a Networked Classroom by Savage, Jonathan
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