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BRUSSELS ? The International Monetary Fund?s declaration that it would not back a new bailout for Greece unless the pact substantially reduces the debt burden on Athens clouded the prospects on Wednesday for quick approval of an aid plan. The I.M.F. move also reopened a debate that European leaders thought they had settled during contentious negotiations last weekend. The I.M.F.?s public signal on Tuesday that it would continue to press for additional cuts in Greece?s debt repayments put it in conflict with the country?s European creditors. The deal announced Monday morning stated that the creditors would not forgive any Greek debt and offered only a general assurance of further discussions about reducing annual debt payments by stretching out payment periods or reducing interest rates. The fund?s decision to go public with its stance suggested that the draft agreement would be only the starting point for further negotiations about the sustainability of Greece?s debt and the willingness of its lenders to recognize they might not get all their money back.

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