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Since negotiations over prices almost invariably include at least one state-owned company and since there is usually no obvious price for the parties to settle on, politics intrude. And because it is dif- ficult for buyers to switch suppliers during a political crisis, maintaining good relations with the biggest gas-producing countries, including the likes of Qatar and Russia, is paramount. But U.S. lng exports have the potential to change the rules of the game, particularlyin Asia, where the lion?s share of U.S. exports would likely flow. The U.S. natural gas market, not secret negotiations between states, will determine the price of natural gas exported from the United States. And U.S. exports won?t have so-called destination clauses: buyers of U.S. gas will be able to resell and deliver it to anyone. Since Asia is currently the most attractive destination for exports, U.S. gas could become a major part of the Asian energy mix. The hope is that the Asian gas market will then followthe U.S. example byincorporating transparent pricing and flexible trade. But that would take a lot more than a flood of American lng. The United States has created an opportunity; exploiting it will fall to Asian governments.

Foreign Affairs.2015.n4 by CfR
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