45880: Theology for the Third Millennium: An Ecumenical View - Kung, Hans

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The basic norm of a critical ecumenical theology is the Christian message?which arises out of Jewish tradition?the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This primal and fundamental Christian testimony, as expressed in the Old and New Testament, is wholly focused on the living Jesus of history, who is also the norm and criterion for my quite personal Christian faith. The oldest Christian profession of faith reads simply, ?Iesous Kyrios? ?Jesus is Lord.? This means, not the emperor and not the pope, not the Church and not the state, not the Party and not the Leader, not money and not power, no, this person Jesus of Nazareth, insofar as he stands for God himself in his preaching and his conduct, his struggling, suffering, dying, and new life?God?s Image, Word, Son, Christ. Given our contemporary awareness of the problem, however, this faith in Jesus Christ has to be justified by theology through historico-critical research on Jesus and protected against misreadings from outside and inside the Church.

Theology for the Third Millennium: An Ecumenical View by Kung, Hans
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