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Structuring and managing teams to help share ideas Here are the key attributes I?ve seen, where the teams really ?get? the problem space and effectively ?explore? or test the solution space: One flat team approach ? No silos, No ?pass the parcel? design Team members are polymaths ? multi skilled, multiple disciplines Excellent analytics and customer research tools, properly invested in Strong Senior Management and Budget support Agile, Lean and evidence based continuous product improvement UX owned by everyone, not by team, agency or role Rich interaction with other teams and viewpoints Collaborative, lightweight, software tools Sharing of knowledge through conversation, not process Less big boring meetings, more interaction at desk, online, iterative Not using all the corporate toolkit, rolling your own data universe Remote and completely flexible working - distributed global teams possible Leadership around belief in product, mission and way of being Enjoyment - teams that have fun build great products. FUN!

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