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The solution, moving average! This technique is sometimes used by traders for forecasting, the Stock prices are booming one day but in the second they are hitting the floor. Let?s see how we can use their basic techniques to make it work for us. Step 1: Export to excel the number of visits/sales for a long time period, such as one or two years. Step 2: Go to Data-> Data Analysis -> Moving Average ->OK Input range will be the column with the number of visits Interval will be the number of days on which the average is created. Here you should create one moving average with a higher number such as 30 and another one with a smaller number such as 7. Output range will be the column right next to the visits column. Repeat the steps for the interval of 7 days Personal Preference: I didn?t check the chart output and standard error box on purpose, I will create a graph later on.

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