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What is the current status of data scientists in terms of how many are available? I would say that it?s certainly difficult to find data scientists when people are looking for the magic person who combines all of those skills I talked about. They are very, very difficult to find. And those kinds of people definitely, especially the ones if you talk about advanced degrees. There?s this conception that data scientists might have to be a Ph.D. And that?s a fairly small number. And Ph.D.s generally tend to go either to high technology companies who have them on critical mass, or to startups, or to consulting firms and so on. So they?re not available in all of the sectors who?d want to hire them.And that goes for public sector as well? Right. So when you say there?s a shortage, which generally means it?s very hard to find a person to work in the location that you want at the salary that you?re willing to pay. And they don?t tend to be evenly distributed throughout the country or throughout the world for that matter. And there is definitely a general raising of salaries for these kinds of positions.

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