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George John, CEO, Rocket Fuel George John has built a successful career by consistently generating insights and profits for marketers by analyzing huge amounts of historical data to predict response rates and target messages. Prior to co-founding Rocket Fuel, he led teams that built high-tech systems to optimize marketing at Yahoo!, salesforce.com, Epiphany, and IBM, in roles spanning engineering, marketing, sales, and executive management. As a senior director for behavioral targeting and personalization at Yahoo!, his teams delivered systems to optimize marketing spend and personalize content and ads. At salesforce.com, John led product initiatives in dashboards and analytics that monetized significant deals for the company and sparked community initiatives including what became the successforce user forums. As employee number thirteen at Epiphany, he created a suite of uniquely usable and scalable data-mining tools, helping the company grow from $0 to $127 million in revenue and an IPO within three years. Before Epiphany, John was the first senior data-mining analyst in the Global Business Intelligence Solutions division of IBM,

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