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Polish as you go I really screwed up the first time I tried to keep quality high as we were building features. It always started fine: an engineer and I would agree to a design, I?d send him a few mockups, and the next day he?d show me the progress. What I saw: a sloppy version of my design. Ugh. I?d moan and complain and point out all the mistakes, which wasn?t any fun. So the next time he was less likely to ask for my feedback, quality slipped further, and I became more upset. Classic death spiral. I came to realize that when a feature is 90% done from an engineering perspective, it can still feel about 10% done to a designer. Now I get excited about the functionality and celebrate that there?s only a bit of surface details to finish before the feature is perfect. I also try to build in triggers for feedback sessions while engineers are in context. I?ll say, ?Grab me right before you check this in.? That way we can go over any small changes while all the files are open and checked out.

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