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Kindle DRM This requires that you own a Kindle and that you have bought an eBook from the Kindle store. You?ll also need to install Python on your system and download a set of scripts called MobiDeDRM. You?ll want to install the 32-bit version of Python 2.7 for your platform. MobiDeDRM contains 4 scripts: mobidedrm.py, mobidedrm2.py, kindlepid.py and mobihuff.py. You?ll be using only the first 3 of those scripts. Once you?ve done that you can get to work. On the Kindle where you just bought the book you?ll need to go to the Settings menu and type ?411? on the keypad. This will bring up an information dialog ? you?ll need the Kindle?s serial, which is a 16- character string of letters and numbers. Save this for later. Now open up a terminal or command line window and run the following command: python kindlepid.py XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX You?ll need to replace the Xs with that 16-character serial you got earlier. This will show your Kindle?s 10-character PID, which is the code needed to remove the DRM on the eBook. Next you?ll be using mobidedrm.py and the 10-character PID you generated in the last step to remove the DRM from the AZW file. python mobidedrm.py book-title.azw book-title.mobi If all is well you?ll see the following message: Decrypting. Please wait... done. The result will be a .mobi file with the same name as the kindle book that you can then add to your Calibre library and convert to whatever format you like.

Open Book: Your Guide To Calibre and Ebook Management by Lachlan Roy
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