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In the MMD-Support6package, there is a utility scriptmmd_mergethat can stitch multiple text files together. It reads an input file that describes which files need to be combined, in what order, and at what ?level?. This allows you to ensure that header levels are adjusted appropriately when the document is combined. For example, theindex.txtfile used to combine this User?s Guide is: # User?s guide # metadata.txt Introduction.md How-do-I-install-MultiMarkdown?.md How-do-I-use-MultiMarkdown?.md How-do-I-create-a-MultiMarkdown-document?.md How-do-I-customize-MultiMarkdown-Output?.md MultiMarkdown-Output-Formats.md What?s-different-in-MultiMarkdown-3.0?.md Known-Issues.md FAQ.md Acknowledgments.md

MultiMarkdown Manual by es6.mike@gmail.com
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